Who is this?

I go by a lot of aliases online, but at the moment you can just call me ghostblood or ghost. Like many people using neocities, I'm tired of the rat race of modern social media. It frustrates me to see creative minds have to conform to whatever trend is popular/nostalgic. That on top of the pointless in fighitng that you're practically forced to watch because everyone wants to watch people make a fool out of themselves, it's just obnoxious at this point. I'd much rather carve my own little cubbyhole out of the internet for my own personal interests. Talking about whatever I want, however I want, and showing people my ideas the whole time.

Now that that's out of the way, I love to do a lot of different things! I have like a billion interests that I wanna try out, and I'll definitely be uploading a lot of my work here! I love video games, music, and anime so expect to see a lot of discussion about that stuff here! I'm also planning on learning how to develop my own games, make my own music, sprite art and Blender, which will be awesome. I'll keep a little blog about that stuff when I get around to it! Uploading my creations and such. It might not be great, but I'm happy just to make something! Hence why I'm making this site haha.